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1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
3. You must tag 11 people.
4. Go to their page and tell them that they've been tagged.
5. No tag backs!

1. I'm going to break the rules.

2. I like to watch Kdrama.

3. I have curly and I don't like it so I straighten it but it's summer so it's not straight.

4. My favorite number is 8.

5. My favorite pairing in the whole world is IchiRuki.

6. I like to play the game Sims.

7. I like to listen to Kpop.

8. I love to watch IchiRuki AMVs.

9. When I was little I was in love with sharks.

10. I'm listening to my YouTube favorite and playing now is a IchiRuki AMV with the song Accidentally in love.

11. In my room I have the quote "If you get hurt, I'll support you. If you can't move, I'll fight in your place. If you're in pain, I'll bear your pain." said by Rukia Kuchiki in Bleach episode 342. It is hanging write above my computer.

(I'm ruining the game because I'm lazy and don't know people well on here.)Tagged:

:iconjessica500: :iconmistylovesrocklee: :iconlandra15: :iconstripe-x:


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United States
I live in a house with 1 out of 2 of my sisters and my mom and dad. My sisters are both amazing artists and are creative. I lak creativatiy witch is hard because I love to draw so I just redraw things that others have drawn.

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